Get your Property Rented through Airbnb

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Pictures are your potential guest’s very first impression and that means they’re pretty important. Construct a lasting image of the property in the guests mind so they cannot walk away.

It is a fact that does not need information, listings with better photos get booked more frequently. So take some time when planning them out. Pictures also assist with your Click Through Rate (CTR) on the search page. A bad image means people will simply scroll past you. After you pick a photographer, possibly with Airbnb or independently, here are a few strategies for getting the most out of your pictures. I am not going to go over the technical photography side, I will allow the photographers themselves to handle that stuff.

Who would you wish to rent to?

This is your target market.

Are you trying to entice couples? Or families with young kids? Or business people such as a business coach looking for a place to stay between conferences? Each will be looking for different things from the picture. Business people want to observe desks, printers, comfortable beds for relaxing after work. Families want to see a great deal of space for unpacking, kitchen for dishes and a big family room.

What practical needs do potential guests have?

  • Couples — Comfy bed, sofas to lounge on, dining area
  • Families — Space for plenty of luggage, place to cook or eat meal
  • Business People — Wi-Fi, additional computer monitor with cables, speedy  meals/coffee/tea
  • Groups — lots of space, proximity to mass transit, entertaining areas

What psychological benefits do guests want?

Emotional benefits are feelings that arise inside the guest as they are in your rental unit. You mostly hear it referred to as, “a feeling of _____”; Example: a sense of adventure. Below are examples of psychological benefits that some types of guests will look for and ways to inspire these feelings on your Airbnb images.

  • Couples

Feeling Luxurious: free champagne and flutes on table, impeccable interior design with large pillows on a pleasant bed

  • Families

Sense of Safety: gates/locked doors, reveal neighborhood children playing in front of unit

  • Business People

Feeling Rewarded: superior amenities, premium view

  • Groups

Excitement: proximity to bars and clubs, outdoor entertaining

What is your positioning?

You own a TV, what brand is it? Is it flat tube or screen? Either TV type will encourage unique ideas about your location, flat-screens will give your place a premium halo effect. Halo effect is when a first impression can create subconscious questions or cause assumptions to be made. Promote things in your location that will produce a positive halo effect, such as top-end seaside homeware if you want your guests to feel as though they are in a coastal resort.

What are your built in equities?

All these are elements of your property (inside and exterior) you can emphasize that no other place can offer, and can create rental determinations for buyers. Have you got beautiful gardens, a mountainside view or a very interesting outdoor patio setup with a jacuzzi? Make sure you highlight those amenities in your photography and get credit for it from potential guests.

What does your leasing REALLY look like?

What will your place look like whenever a new guest walks in the door? Be truthful!

If you don’t provide certain things or you’ll be removing certain items from the pictures to ‘keep safe’, then do not show them! Most people will visually recall what they see as compared to what was published in the listing, removing them will decrease your site value even if the place is still immaculate. Most guests will be optimistic in hopes that you’ve got some ethics to not misrepresent your location.

Remember: You do not have to be the best place on the block…you simply have to be honest about what you could offer.

Keep it simple

Pictures can be worth a thousand or a million words, no one wants or needs to read that many words, so take advantage of your photo shoot. Do not jam pack your images full of amenities. Rather, take multiple shot angles of a huge room to show off your interior style or highlight parts of your entertainment area, not each part. You’re permitted to upload many images. I’d suggest using at least 15.

Communicate with your photographer

The photographer has likely never been to your home, so give them all the information they need so they can bring the correct equipment. If you can’t do a pre-shoot assembly, I suggest taking maybe 20-30 pictures on your smartphone and sending them over to the photographer.

If you choose a photographer, it’s important to ensure that they are a good interior/exterior photographer. It might be easier and cheaper to hire your mate who is the best wedding photographer, and they will do a good job, but the photography is different and you will get a better result with a specialised photographer.

Some photographers prefer traveling light and might not bring all their equipment. The images that you send will help them determine which lighting, lenses and other gear to bring. Another consideration is the type of home you are wanting to rent. If you have a beach house, wait for a sunny day with good natural light, nothing looks more appealing in that setting than sunkissed coastal home decor. Leave nothing to chance, be sure they know what they’re coming into to ensure they make it look amazing!

Also, be certain to agree on the amount of final shots you need and whether they’ll be touched up and edited for you. Again, try to have at least 15 final shots, but more is better. You could always rotate them and examine which pictures are more enticing. Moreover, if you’re seeking to shoot the pictures yourself, I suggest checking out a camera such as the Canon EOS-6D. Buying a DSLR camera is a smart because as your Airbnb changes and you make updates to items like furniture and fittings, you can quickly snap a few new photos and get them up quickly. Finally, purchasing your camera is a wise idea if you intend to grow to multiple components since you can shoot pictures as you need them throughout your growth cycle.

Airbnb provides free professional photography, you only have to check if your area is covered. This is your best bet at getting amazing photography without asking your mate who specialises in wedding photos. You will need to prove to Airbnb that you are seriously interested in hosting. This service is generally only offered to hosts that have a few confirmed reservations, and require a listing upgrade. Finding these Airbnb verified photographs will help improve your listing strength and probably bump you up the search algorithm because Airbnb can confirm your space looks just like the photographs which are presented.