How to Renovate and Add Value to Property

green lounge room

Many homeowners are constantly looking for ways to increase the value of their property either for future sale or enjoyment. Renovating for a gain appears simple enough on tv but in actual life, it is a science that requires practice and research to perfect. If you want to sell property for its maximum value, then look into some simple renovation and improvement strategies that improve the overall worth of the home. Even when looking for property to rent tenants prefer homes that look more valuable and will be willing to pay a higher price. Here are a few expert tips on renovating to include value this season and beyond.

Open Plan vs Privacy

An open-plan dwelling is a feature required by the majority of buyers. Buyers like space and openness that is bright and inviting. But, there is such a thing as being too open and of no significance. I have seen some renovations in which they have just ripped out another lounge space and opened up it with the remainder of the home. It is not actually the easiest thing to do, as you are decreasing your entire living area. Homeowners with numerous inside living spaces should unite two regions as an open-plan region and strategically renovate added spaces as a different, personal escape. There must be a balance of open living space and private rooms instead of too much of either.

Refreshing the Outdoor Environment
The Sydney-based couple renovated to link their outside area for their new undercover eating and entertaining place on the ground floor, by simply installing bifold doors opening on their kitchen out on their little backyard. An awning was set up to give refuge outside. Another way to raise the value of an outdoor space would be to include shrubbery and plants. If you do not have the gardening skills, a few lush plants in colourful baskets will go a long way in creating the outside area inviting vibes. Adding trees or shrubs in the front of your home, and just a pathway into the house will even add additional value if performed well, as first impressions count. Buyers value a low-maintenance garden so don’t overdo the garden, just a few plants for impressions is enough. Aside from plants, you can add some tasteful outdoor furniture such as a bench, umbrella or dining set. If it is a family friendly home, some children’s play equipment or a sand pit could be valuable additions. Don’t for get to make the yard pet-friendly and secure and advertise this as a benefit.

Defining Space

Renovators with big outdoor areas are invited to “re-define” smaller regions of the space to improve the buy price of their property. In case you’ve got one large paved or grass place, break it up and then set a pergola over a single part of it that it’s a specified entertaining place. And if you’ve got space to get it done, whack at an integrated barbecue, so the area becomes a ‘barbecue entertainment place’. Other outside amenities to grow the value of your house:

  • A swimming pool or spa to add a water element to the garden
  • Automatic retractable bollards on gates to divide space
  • A carport preferably secure and undercover
  • Super-tidy garage spaces, with painted flooring for your automobile and built-in storage area
  • An outdoor kitchen
  • A remote-controlled garage
  • An automatic retractable roof instead of a pergola

Attention to Detail
The general goal of any renovation would supply a home with a homely feel and have it prepared to move into immediately. One simple means to do so is to provide your rooms as well as the house exterior a new coat of neutral-coloured paint. A fresh painting job gives the whole house a new start and cleans up any stains or marks that may be present.

Other value-adding details which will not cost the earth:

  • Airconditioning
  • Appropriate ducted-ventilation for the laundry and bathrooms
  • Heated flooring in bathrooms
  • high quality bathroom accessories like vanities, taps and sinks
  • LED smartphone and lighting management automation
  • Safety systems connected to a mobile
  • Music programs streamed by ceiling speakers
  • Fully integrated entertainment system with screens and speakers
  • Large bathroom tiles
  • Polished floorboards
  • Install solar gates that open and close automatically
  • New carpet
  • Butler’s pantry in the kitchen to present an accessible but hidden space for appliances such as a Thermomix.

High quality branded kitchen appliances plus an integrated dishwasher and refrigerator that fit the kitchen, in the event the home is pitched in the high end of the market. Buyers want to envision themselves at a house. If a renovation means a buyer can envision themselves living at a house, then they are going to pay a premium to reside.